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Dr Ute Liersch - Positive PsychologyPositive Psychology
Dr Ute Liersch, BSc, MA

07494 911464

Free webinar on “Working with anxiety in uncertain times”.

I am offering free Zoom group sessions to work with and manage the stress, anxiety and worry that this present situation elicits. These sessions are free of charge and open for anyone.  There is no requirement for active participation - people can just come in and listen if they like.

I will also have a Q&A session and feel free to share this with anyone who could benefit from it.
Feedback, thus far, is great and people seem to find it helpful.

Mondays and Fridays at 10.00am UK time: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/206357711 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16.00 UK time: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/583912984 

Further free resources can be found on my Instagram and Facebook.

Social Panic

Packing up in an empty university building and walking through a station void of people was an airy experience for me. Within a couple of days, our life appears to have gone from predictable to unknown. Much more quickly than we would have believed our rational self has also evaporated. And fear is taking over.

The UK is in the grip of social panic. We have moved away from being guided by concerns but now driven by a panicky feeling. We have become hostile towards those we hold accountable for the present situation. Rather than introducing prudence, the media is fueling the fire. We can see how groups react disproportionally to the actual experience. The healthy ones seem to bulk-buy hand sanitizers which are needed by those who might be too ill to power-shop.

Today, more than ever, it is essential to care for our mental health. To take a deep breath – to not be swept away by the panic that seems to linger tangibly in the air. We need to detach from this gripping monster. To attend to the challenges that are awaiting us. I thought I share 5 activities with you that can help you to keep the panic at bay.

Holding, bearing and living in a time of the unknown elicits fear and anxiety. Now is the time to utilize parts of your daily routine as a ritual, thus an anchor to normality. For example, stick to your working hours even when you work from home.

If you go shopping and cannot get what you want, ask yourself what consequence this truly has. Is it life-threatening or a nuisance? In times like this, we tend to react to the latter with panic. Awareness of our disproportional reaction can help us to overcome it and find a more sensible solution and alternative.

Create a daily ritual that consciously invites other experience in but the coronavirus. This can be cuddle time with your children, appreciating your love and care. This can be a meditation. This can be a walk outside and seeing the awaking beauty of nature.

Stop social withdrawal. While we might not meet, do not hug or shake hands, we can use all possible ways of communicating with other people. Technology is vast. And don’t forget that a card or a short letter can make somebody’s day.

Amidst the panic, we often forget to smile. Don’t. Smiling can brighten up our outlook on life and that of the person we give a smile too. Moreover, it fosters our connectedness with the other person. Loneliness is a major contributed to declined wellbeing.

If you want some one:one time or offload your fear, we can work together via skype. Stay safe and allow a smile into your daily life.


Dr Ute Liersch, BSc, MA
07494 911464


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