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From February 2020 Edition | Boxmoor Direct

 Boxmoor TrustLizards and Snakes

The old brickworks site at Bovingdon was the site for a slow worm translocation recently, when a substantial number of these legless lizards were moved from a local allotment site destined for development. In total, 241 slow worms were moved – 46 adult males, 85 adult females and 110 sub adults/juveniles. They were released into a hibernaculum, constructed using layers of wood and soil, to offer them some protection while they acclimatise to their surroundings. We very much hope that they will thrive in their new environment, which is deemed ideal habitat for them. The site will continue to be monitored for sightings.

Another native reptile that is seen from time to time at the brickworks site is the grass snake. This handsome specimen was spotted in September by Jill Griffin, who was quick enough to grab a couple of shots.

Boxmoor TrustNews of Gadespring
As part of the ongoing management of Gadespring as a nature reserve, Trust staff have been busy creating another scrape to add to the marginal wetland areas for wildlife. This will further enhance the site and help to encourage water birds and mammals to visit and inhabit the area. Gadespring is already the haunt of little egrets, water rails, kingfishers and otters. In addition, our water vole reintroduction programme is showing positive signs so far, with voles being regularly spotted from the bird hide at the existing scrape. Winter will prove to be a challenge for them, but we are thrilled to be able to confirm that juvenile voles are present and thriving on the site, as borne out by this wonderful photo by Mike Dunks.

Visit Gadespring
Open mornings on Thursdays between 10am and 12 noon. Our winter timetable for Open Sundays is the last Sunday of each month from 11am to 2pm – do bring your children for new discoveries.


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